10 tips and ideas for a great Campaign

Your Campaign is a pitching document. You are pitching your cleantech (CT) to people who want to back the sector with pledges, people who want the industry to be successful and make a difference.

You need to be 100% honest and not over sell or ever spin. But you do need to clearly spell out exactly why they should back your CT.

Top 10 tips for success include:

1. Tell us your key message – try the Gaddie Pitch brought to you by James Tuckerman from Anthill Magazine its easy fast and perfect for firming up your message.

2. Tell us why people should back you – what your offering will deliver to the world and how will it make a difference, when you plan to be profitable, who your target market is, how are you marketing the CT.

3. Include any data you might have. Data is very powerful and most people need to see it before they back you. Some examples include:

  • your CT delivers 55% cut in energy charges

  • a survey of 1000 people showed they would buy the CT if it were available right now

  • 90% of power companies can benefit from your CT etc

4. Include images of your CT or plans/design.

5. Do a quick video interview with your CEO or engineer (laptop or skype) introducing you company, plans and CT.

6. Detail some of your vision and plans (remember this is a public site so no IP etc).

7. Talk about your team, Board, etc and their experience, successes and connections.

8. Tell us your back story – how you started, who came up with the idea and how/why. Was there a luck factor, or was it pure determination. Did you travel and meet with like minds overseas, have you done market research etc.

9. Tell us what you are going to do with your funding from CleantechFundr.

10. Let us know how you have been funded to date and what other options you have in the pipeline.

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