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Successful campaigns

The Australian Solar Council successfully reached its target of $25,000 on CLeantechfundr to help save solar and save the RET!


Crowdfunding platform cracks $44m

Crowdfunding success

If you’ve ever tried to fund a project but keep getting knocked back for a loan, then you might want to consider crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding involves raising small amounts of money from large numbers of people, usually via an internet-based platform. This method of securing funds is becoming more popular and every day millions of dollars are being pledged for a wide range projects.

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Macquarie enters solar finance market in Australia : Renew Economy

Macquarie Group, Australia’s biggest investment bank, has entered the solar financing market in Australia, in what is likely to be a significant lift for the rooftop and commercial solar industry.

The interest in solar finance was revealed by Macquarie CEO Nicholas Moore in the group’s operational update. Few details were released, apart from the fact that it is a “recent” initiative, but it follows on from a series of large solar financing investments in the UK, Japan and the US, and is expected to be a fore-runner of interest from other major banks in Australia.

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Nearly one in seven Toowoomba premises have solar | Toowoomba Chronicle

THE sun seems to be rising for sustainable energy in Toowoomba with solar electricity systems installed in almost one in seven premises in the city.

Ergon Energy released figures on the uptake of solar PV systems this week which showed that 8289 systems had been installed in Toowoomba – a penetration rate of 14%.

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China sets world record on solar power installations | South China Morning Post

China installed a record 12GW of solar power last year, doubling its rate of solar installations, according to preliminary figures. This is more than has ever been installed by any country in a single year and means that the mainland installed three times more solar energy last year than the total British solar capacity.

via China sets world record on solar power installations | South China Morning Post.

Ease start-up rules: ASX

Artesian push for start-ups

The Australian Securities Exchange and legal experts have urged the government to relax laws preventing start­-ups from using online equity-based crowdfunding, warning that the local tech sector risks being outpaced by rival countries with less restrictive regimes.

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CleantechFundr crowdfunding platform now open for campaigns following PayPal approval

Press Release

December 11, 2013

In an Australian first, a clean technology crowd-funding platform has been launched in Sydney, to support the cleantech sector.

The platform has this week been granted PayPal approval for the crowdfunding payment process application.

The service is free and will attract funding from Australia and overseas. Cleantech projects are now invited to list on the platform.

CleantechFundr platform works on a donation and reward based system whereby any interested party can create a Campaign, with a duration up to 90 days, and offer rewards based on tiers of donations, five dollars to $100, from supporters.

Projects can be funded up to $200,000 and CleantechFundr urges Campaign owners to be creative and fun with rewards they give to supporters. Suggested rewards include social media shout-outs, supporter credits on websites, products or sites, and merchandise with logos.

The CleantechFundr system allows users to log in and create their own Campaigns with specifics on how, what, when and where the money raised will be spent.

Susan Fitzpatrick-Napier, the company’s founder, says CleantechFundr has the potential “to attract funds from around the region and the world, directly to Australia’s clean technology industry”.

Fitzpatrick-Napier, a long-time public relations and media specialist in the clean tech space in Asia, USA and Australia has seen first hand the challenges faced by clean technology companies in Australia.

“We hope that CleantechFundr can help fill the funding gap between disruptive and game changing ideas and prototypes, and then support commercialisation efforts.”

CleantechFundr follows other successful crowd-funding organisations such as Australia’s Pozible, and US-based Kickstarter and Indigogo.

Fitzpatrick-Napier said CleantechFundr offers a niche platform as compared with the other crowd-funding sites, which tend to support a diverse range of projects.

“We want CleantechFundr to be the place the general public, friends and family, investors, and industry leaders click on to see the latest in cleantech innovation that they can support.”

CleantechFundr uses sophisticated sharing and social media tools as well as an embed option allowing the Campaign to be replicated and featured in newsletters, websites and more.

CleantechFundr has also garnered the support of Giles Parkinson, editor of Renew Economy online newspaper and former deputy editor of the Financial Review.

John O’Brien, CEO of the Australian Clean Tech Network, has also pledged his support for the platform.

The CleantechFundr announcement comes after news that the Climate Council, following a Government funding cut, raised $1 million from 20,000 people via social media to continue their important climate change work.

The official “soft launch” of CleantechFundr was announced at The 2013 Clean Tech Awards hosted at The Westin Hotel in Sydney.

CleantechFundr is a Digital Mantra Group company.

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Twitter: @cleantechfundr

Facebook: CleantechFundr