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Cleantechfundr lets you accept donations via credit card and PayPal.


Who is what?

  • Member (anyone registered with CleantechFundr)

  • Campaign (a project posted on the site to attract financial support)

  • Supporter/Backer (a person/company/entity that donates/pledges financially to the Campaign/project)

  • Campaign Starter (the Starter or starter of a Campaign)

What is CleantechFundr ?

CleantechFundr is an online service acting as a venue to enable subscribing Members to form a Campaign within a fixed format and other Members to donate funds to these Campaigns.

CleantechFundr allows individuals to form Campaigns for the purpose of attracting donations to that Campaign.

Is there a review process?

CleantechFunder will review all Campaigns but it is not ultimately responsible in any way as to how the funds are spent or how the donations are managed or delivered.

How much can I set as a goal?

At the moment we have set $200,000 as the maximum goal for a Campaign.

How much shall I ask for in donations?

Donations can range from $5 to $100 (AUD)

What sort of rewards should I offer?

Please see here for a list of suggestions.

How long can I run a Campaign?

We have set the maximum to 90 days.

What happens if my Campaign fails to reach the goal amount?

CleantechFundr is an “all or nothing” crowdfunding platform – which is the industry best practice standard and the way our payment processing partners PayPal prefer to operate. If the Campaign runs short and reaches the time deadline the funds won’t be collected and the Rewards won’t be issued.

Can I start another Campaign?

Yes but there is a maximum of 5 per year.

Does CleantechFundr take a fee?

Yes a 7% management and review fee – but only on successful Campaigns. There is no fee for Campaigns that don’t reach their goal. Note we promote your campaign with press releases and through key media like RenewEconomy.

Who checks the merit of the Campaign?

CleantechFundr and its associates in the industry check every Campaign, the company and people behind it and the outcomes and merit of each one. CleantechFundr  has the final say in which Campaigns run on the platform because we want genuine, quality Campaigns that will make a difference.

How does it work?

CleantechFundr is a crowdfunding platform for raising money and building a community for your cleantech projects.

  • You can log on and set up a Campaign with a specific goal and timeframe

  • Supporters back the project with funding in return for rewards

  • Once the funding goal has been reached within the time frame the funds are collected and distributed to the Campaign Starter.

  • The Campaign Starter is required to update the community as the Campaign progress.

What does a Campaign need to have to be eligible?

The Campaign:

  • must have a clearly defined outcomes, timeframe and aims

  • must not be for charitable purposes for raising funds for appeals

  • Starter or Supporter must be over 18 years of age to create a project on CleantechFundr

  • cannot involve alcohol as a reward or involve raffles or competitions as part of the Campaigns

  • Starter must respect email and spam laws when promoting the Campaign

CleantechFundr will seek ID before your Campaign goes live. A valid PayPal account/email address will be required and will be tested.

Each CleantechFundr Campaign will have a specific mission, target funds and time frame and will detail how the donations will be used.

Who is responsible for rewards?

Each CleantechFundr Campaign Starter  is responsible wholly for fulfilling the obligations both implied and stated in each CleantechFundr Campaign listing. CleantechFundr does not oversee the performance punctuality of each Campaign.

Can CleantechFundr cancel a Campaign?

CleantechFundr does not oversee the performance of any Campaign. CleantechFundr does however reserve the right to cancel a CleantechFundr listing at any time for any reason. CleantechFundr reserves the right to remove any CleantechFundr Campaign listing from public listing for any reason.

The Campaign Starter:

  • needs to clearly set out what the project is about, why it should be backed, how the funds will be used and what impact the project will have on the company, public, industry, sector etc.

  • is responsible for fulfilling all the commitments they make to Supporters

  • needs to update the CleantechFundr community if anything changes on the project or company

  • update Supporters beyond the close date using the CleantechFunder site

Prohibited activities

You are solely responsible for your conduct and activities on and regarding to CleantechFundr and any and all data text information graphics image photographs profiles audio video items and links together with content that you submit posted and display on CleantechFundr.

What can’t I do on CleantechFundr?

Your content and your use of CleantechFundr shall not

– involve the selling of shares, provide direct financial rewards or profit sharing or raise investment funds

– be false or inaccurate or misleading

– be fraudulent in or involved the sale of illegal counterfeit or stolen items

– infringe any third party copyright patent trademark trade secret or other proprietary intellectual property rights or rights of public or privacy.

– violate the terms and conditions and any site policies and guidelines any project guidelines when applicable laws statute ordinance or regulation.

– be defamatory, unlawfully threatening unlawfully harassing or impersonate or intimate or bully any person including CleantechFundr staff, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with any person through for example the use of e-mail addresses nicknames or create a false accounts or any other method or device

– be obscene or contain child pornography

– contain or transmit any code of a destructive nature that may damage detrimentally interfere with or intercept or ex-appropriate assistant darter or personal information.

– modify and adapt or hack CleantechFundr or modify another website so as to falsely imply that it is associated with CleantechFundr.

– appear to create liability for CleantechFundr or cause CleantechFundr to lose the services of CleantechFundr ISPs or other suppliers.

How do the funds get transferred?

CleantechFundr will manage payment to the Campaign Starter – all PayPal or credit card fees not covered by Supporters will be covered by the funds to the Campaign Starter.

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