How to reward your backers

Here are some great ideas to reward your backers!

  • Social media shout outs – personal name shout outs on twitter etc

  • A free personalised stationary item i.e. usb or pens etc

  • Their name on a letter of thanks from the CEO

  • Name in your newsletter as a backer/contributor

  • Guided tour of manufacturing facilities

  • CEO or equivalent will come to a sustainability centred talk of your chosing and recommend how their products can be useful in your workplace/home – even your children’s school!

  • Supporter credit on website

  • Vouchers for your products

  • T-shirts – there are some great sites for custom designed T-Shirts – put your logo and “I backed” or other words on a good quality cotton T-shirt for around $40

  • Name a project/product (for large donations)

  • Put a logo of your company as a sponsor on all online and offline sites and collateral

  • VIP status at all events

  • Dinner with CEO, investors, Board etc

  • Limited edition type of product ie solar cell (for large donations)

  • Work experience offer for their children or a school of their choice (disadvantaged school possibly?)

  • …and much more – we will add ideas as they come through!

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